Gold Patterned Headwrap 15 STYLES!

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Made from soft cotton jersey, this headwrap can be used as a topknot headband or you can tuck in the ends for a turban look. The bow can be untied and removed so you can mix and match your headwraps to fit her unique style. Neutral, hip and cute, these beauties go with any outfit!

Available in 10 Gold Patterned Colors: 1Metallic Multicolor, 2 Metallic Pink, 3 Metallic Silver, 4 Metallic Gold, 5 Metallic Hot Pink, 6 Metallic White, 7 Metallic Black/Gold, 8 Metallic Brown, 9 Metallic Black with Gold dot, 10 Metallic with gold Bow.

Available in child and adult sizes so you can match!
Size Chart
Small: 0-2 Years

Medium: 2 Years - Adult

Buy it as a Mommy & Me Set!