Mask Holder Headband FLORAL Print 3

$ 1.99
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We designed a product that will provide you comfort while using a mask and versatile that will have a great look by itself! It has a design that Boys & Girls, Kids & Adults can use! 

These bottom masks headbands relieve the pressure from the mask's elastic. Each headband is made out of a very soft stretchy material and cute buttons on both sides. Simply slip the elastic over the buttons on both sides.
The buttons on the Button Headband Face mask Holder are designed to fit all masks.
These headbands are versatile and also look great on its own . Perfect for everyday use.
They are breathable, soft, quality and multi-functional. Easy to use. Washable.
2 Sizes Available 
3" x 17" Stretches up to 22 "
3"x 19" Stretches up to 24"

Button Headband Face Mask Holder is suitable for all sizes thanks to its flexible structure.

Mask NOT included