Bloom Brightly Headband

$ 9.00

Sometimes all you can do is just sit back and watch as time turns your baby into a toddler.  Although you don't want it to happen, there will be bright moments along the way as she wears our "Bloom Brightly" Headband. This beautiful headband features a single ruffled peony on a matching soft elastic headband and the flower is felt backed for comfort. Perfect for any occasion from dance performances, dress up, family pictures and many others!  Pair this headband with one of our dresses and watch as time gets a little brighter as your little girl blooms! 

Size Chart
Newborn: 13"
0-3 Months: 14"
3-6 Months: 15"
6 Months - 3 Years: 16"
4 Years & Up: 17"

Available in 1) Lilac, 2) Deep Mauve, 3) Ivory, 4) Light Blue, 5) Hot Pink, 6) Yellow, 7) Baby Pink, 8) Lime, 9) Red, 10) Coral Pink, 11) Teal, 12) Cream, 13) Mint 

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