Sleeping Beauty Shabby Chic Headband

$ 8.00

Someday her prince will come and sweep her off of her feet. Until then, as she wears our "Sleeping Beauty" Shabby Chic Headband, she will dream of fancy balls, castles and fairy Godmothers while enjoying the innocence and carefree of childhood. This beautiful headband features two frayed shabby chic flowers on an elastic headband, accented with a luxurious rhinestone. The flowers are felt backed for extra comfort. This headband paired with one of our dresses is perfect for your little princess but remember, keep her away from those spinning wheels.  

Size Chart
Newborn: 13"
0-3 Months: 14"
3-6 Months: 15"
6 Months - 3 Years: 16"
4 Years & Up: 17"