Strawberry Cream Shortcake Tiered Tulle Skirt

$ 24.00

Our "Strawberry Cream Shortcake" Tiered Tulle Skirt will have everyone swooning. This cute skirt features 5 tiered layers of soft pink tulle in just the right amount of sweetness and texture. The waist band of this skirt is made of an elastic material, which allows for a more breathable and comfortable feel. The Strawberry Cream Shortcake Tiered Tulle Skirt will be her new wardrobe staple! It is perfect for every occasions, from photo shoots, weddings, pretend play to an important fancy event. This skirt is so dreamy, full of elegance and charm; and a must have!!

The listing is for the SKIRT ONLY. Pair the skirt with one of our darling tops, sashes and headbands to complete the look!! 

(the measurements below are for the waist un-stretched, if stretched they measure around 2-3"more)

Waist           Length              Sizes

7.5                  11                  1-2 Years

8                     12                  2-3  Years 

8.5                  13                  3-4 Years

9                     14                  4-5 Years 

9.5                  15                  5-6 Years