Vivian Style Boutique Bow Clippie - 11 colors available

$ 4.00

Putting together a perfectly accessorized look will be easy peasy thanks to this darling hair clippie! The Vivian Style Boutique Bow Clippie is approximately 4 inches in size and hand tied making it secure. It is set on a simple to open hair clippie that she'll easily be able to put on herself. You can choose whether you want the placement of the bow on the right or the left. The Vivian style boutique bow Clippie is essential for your little ones bow collection! So make sure you get a couple because they are perfect for when your girls wear braids or little side buns. No matter what the day calls for, this clippie is perfect to wear, whether it be at a photo shoot, playing in the park, pretend play or an important event. It is so cute and a a must have!!

One Size Fits All.

*** If you want a pair of these clippies make sure you order 2 at checkout!

Choose from 10 darling colors:

S1: Baby Pink, S2: Red, S3: Hot Pink, S4: White, S5: Blue Oasis, S6: Ivory, S7: Mulberry, S8: Linen, S9: Azalea, S10: Bubblegum Pink.