• Mermaid Birthday Party

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    Happy 1st Birthday Mermaid Girl!

    Hello Again! My name is Natashia from The Mumsy Blog and I'm so excited to meet all of you here on Think Pink Bows blog! I've kinda died over these amazing pictures of my new one-year-old in her mermaid dress! If you are new to The Mumsy Blog, let me fill you in. I had three boys first before having this amazing little girl, which you can read more about here and here. So, It would be an understatement to say I've been having fun with bows and all things pink. 

    Well when her first birthday came I wanted to celebrate big and have fun with a ultra feminine theme to step away for a moment form the endless cars (I've thrown three), Fox, Spiderman, and Lego themed parties. Hey! It's my only girl, so I need to get this stuff out of my system, besides the fact that I love it anyways.
    So I threw her a Mermaid Party. The colors I chose are teal, aqua, gold, and pale pink. I kept the party simple which you can read about towards the end of the post, but first can we talk about this outfit?!

    The dress, necklace, and headband are from this super cute shop called Think Pink Bows. This petticoat dress fit her perfect to size and added the feminine touch I was looking for. Isn't it adorable!? And by the way they have a huge assortment of dresses and rompers in tons of sizes and styles. And I can't forget to mention they have Frozen dresses. Yup, this shop and dress are one of my new favs, if you couldn't tell.


    The necklace on the other hand was Nora's favorite. I let her hold it in the car on the way to the shoot. When we got there, she wouldn't let it go. Haha. She loves gnawing on it. I loved this bubblegum necklace because she could chew on it as she has been teething so bad. Teething is THE WORST! And it had all the fun colors from her party. You can see that even once I got the necklace on her she still wouldn't let it go. Winner.

    The headband was custom made for our little mermaid with pearls, netting, and even a starfish all in the lovely colors from our party. Nora wore it throughout the party which definitely won points in my book as she usually tears headbands off. Oh and everyone at her party asked about it because it is simply stunning.

    Every good outfit needs a pair of shoes to match right?! I have paired this outfit with these adorable slip on sandals from Scarlet's Shop. The same roses in the headband are seen here in these itty-bitty adorable sandals.  

    To dig into her first cake, my little chica wore this adorable and play ready tee from Small Tribe Clothing. We loved this tee to romp and play in! The design is super fun for your Mermaid in Training. I paired it with a gold skirt and bam, playtime was ready!

    This darling handmade mermaid doll was made by the cutest little shop called My Dear Hazel. Every doll is beautiful and the mermaid ones are my favorite! Just check out that hair blowing in the breeze and I love the metallic mermaid tail!

    I'm gonna give a shout out to the photographer, Karisa Broadbent. Didn't she capture the most amazing golden light for these pictures?! Yup, like I said, I've kinda died over these pictures! Thank you!
    Remember how I just wrote about end of year family photos? If you book with her in the next month she will give you a 25% discount if you mention Mumsy! She is such a fun photographer, I would definitely recommend her! 
    For the party, you know we love to get fancy, but you may have also read that we try to keep birthdays practical. So here's how I decorated for the

    Mermaid Party

    I frosted the cupcakes and place simple pearls on top. For party favors I sent each guest home with bubbles wrapped in these lovely graphics from Alice and Ivory which you can get here. For the activity each guest was able to create their own bracelet. I can not tell you how big of a hit this was! Seriously, there were girls and boys beading the entire party and it was so simple. I purchased some stretchy plastic cording and beads and the beading magic began. For snacks I had fishes. Simple, right?
    So there you go! You now know how to glam up your mermaid loving baby and throw a fun and simple Mermaid party! I hope you have as much fun as we had!

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  • Olivia's Fairy Fest

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    Several months ago I asked my Olivia what she wanted the theme for her fifth birthday party to be. She immediately responded by telling me that she wanted a fairy princess party--so we set out to create an event that would be extra magical and, as Liv and I sat around the kitchen table giggling and dreaming up ideas that afternoon, Olivia's Fairy Fest party began.

    Flower crown by Think Pink Bows and Dresses from My Princess Penelope

    My first thought was that Olivia would need a pretty crown with large flowers.  I knew that Think Pink Bows could make us something truly special and turned to Emily to collaborate on the project.  (You can buy this special edition "Fairy Flower Crown" on thinkpinkbows.com HERE.) Her team was able to come up with the most stunning headbands for each of our guests in addition to the flower crown. (You can find the "Fairy First Attendant" headband HERE.) Olivia, Emery and I were speechless when we met at her studio for fittings and saw the finished product.  The workmanship, quality and attention to detail is the best of the best.

    I wanted to design an invitation that was very simple, adorned with several sprigs of fresh greens and wildflowers fastened by jute.  The girls and I had so much fun running through the garden, cutting and gathering the greens and flowers.  Olivia lined up all of the flowers neatly in piles and beamed with joy when she saw how lovely they looked all marching in a row.

    Harmony of Provo generously hosted the party for us at their character-filled fine fabrics and knitting boutique.  The home,  known as the Hannah Maria Libby Smith House, dates back from 1878.  The space is quaint, charming and was perfect for the occasion.  If you are local here in Utah this is a shop that you mustn't miss.

    The table spread was of utmost importance for this enchanted party.  I wanted the feeling to be mystical and as if you had stepped right into an enchanted forest with flowers, lots of fresh fruit, fairies and butterflies.  I created the flower arrangements using wildflowers from the garden, fresh mums, roses and oranges from the grocer and butterfly picks that I picked up at Michaels.  The incredible natural wooden cake stands were provided by Postscripts.  

    The delectable macaroons were made by Sprinkle & Dash, lovely rose frosted sugar cookies were provided by Shirley's Bakery and decadent cupcakes were provided by Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe.  These sweet treats were not only gorgeous but were scrumptious and enjoyed by all in attendance.

    One of Olivia's requests was that we have waffles for the celebration.  I knew that I wanted them to be equal parts pretty and delicious.  The waffles provided by Waffle Love were light, buttery and flaky--almost like a pastry--and, in short, divine! 

    The party favors were the most fun part to coordinate.  Olivia wanted every girl to go home from her party equipped "With everything that they needed to be a fairy."  This included fairy wings that I hand stitched and can be purchased in our shop here, beautiful custom headbands and Olivia's flower crown provided by Think Pink Bows, darling felt Strawberries created by Marmies Market, and the sweetest cupcakes made by Burnt Gingerbread Creations.

    Some of the gifts that we gave Olivia included the most perfect handmade bunny and riding hood dollies.  She adores her new snuggly friends.

    As Olivia snuggled into bed the night of her party she set her head onto my shoulder and whispered, "Thanks for always making me feel so special."  We are so grateful for wonderful friends and all of the amazing vendors and individuals who contributed their talents to make this day so special for our Livie girl.  


    Jacquelinne Altom

    Graphic Designer and Mommy


    Find the "Fairy Flower Crown" headband HERE.

    Find the "Fairy First Attendant" headband HERE.

    Photography by the lovely and talented Alyssa Vincent Photo.  


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